Predict challenges before they become problems.

Spend less time and money fixing things too early or too late.

The Knowledge of All. Everywhere. Always.

Magnify the productivity of Knowledge for people who manage places and things.

Your Most Valuable New Company Asset

Aggregate the knowledge of your people and the experience of your places and things.

AI Personas for Your Function

Magnifying Employee Knowledge, Reach, and Availability


Service Teams

As a service engineering leader, Jeff’s job is to keep his company’s spaces and equipment running. See how he magnifies his reach from one site at a time to dozens through his Persona, Man-E.


Safety Teams

As a construction safety manager, Jessica’s job is to walk around sites on the lookout for problems. See how she creates a Persona, Sal-E, to magnify her availability to 24/7.



See how scientists, farmers, and even office workers can use Litbit Personas to make themselves practically superhuman and magnify their knowledge in all kinds of ways.

How It Works

Deploy AI and Start Getting Insight Immediately


Create Your Own

Like "Siri" or "Alexa," but with the specific domain expertise of your company


Make Knowledge
a Real Asset

Capture the combined knowledge and experience of your people, places & things


Be Smarter
Everywhere, Always

Make it productive in the back pocket of every person and in every machine

AI Personas for Enterprise

Magnifying Employee Availability, Reach, and Knowledge