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Introducing Intellect

Intellect adds to RhythmOS platform the ability to capture human experience, transforming it into digital form, where is can join machine data. Machine learning is then applied to this combined pool of data to find new ways to predict failure, fine tune performance, and decrease operating costs.

What Intellect can do for you

Unifying all your knowledge
Combine your company's human expertise and technological data onto a machine learning platform that never sleeps, quits or forgets:
Team knowledge repository
Archive all your employees knowledge and experiences, and combine it with continuously improving machine data.
Human + machine
Create unique data profiles that define failure and combine them with human insight that machines may miss, for a more accurate, comprehensive assessment.
Globally smart
Consolidate knowledge globally from equipment manufacturers, service technicians and users of the same machines. Benefit from lessons learned around the world.
Enter knowledge seamlessly
Intellect's user-friendly interface and cross functionality with other apps enables your employees and machines to easily input meaningful data:
Allow manufacturers and service technicians to apply their knowledge to your Intellect, based on lessons learned in the field.
Easy to Use
Easily teach Intellect how to recognize dysfunction using a simple point, click and drag interface.
Cross platform
Integrate data from Maestro into Intellect and open a new knowledge item that humans can tune, so Intellect continues to get smarter.
Continuously improve performance
With Intellect, your infrastructure gets continously smarter with each piece of new knowledge and data:
History + real-time
Combine collected knowledge with real-time analytics to preemptively identify issues before they become problems.
Always on duty
Effectively diagnose events with or without the presence of localized people, by utilizing the collective expertise of Intellect.
Run current hypothesis against historical operational datasets, in hyper-time, to expedite analysis and validation testing.
Get smarter by sharing
Share and receive customized Intellects across domains, allowing you to gain more knowledge and expertise than was ever possible before:
Global knowledgebase
Share anonymized machine data (no user/owner specifics) with the global platform, in exchange for the same data shared by all others.
Industrial knowledge
Gain access to manufacturers and service technicians continuously growing Intellects, and share read-only access with them as well.
Act locally, share globally
Apply the lessons learned locally to all sites located globally. Automatically.

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