About Litbit
We are a team of people that have come together from past engineering and leadership roles at Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and others. We are here to solve the biggest new challenges of what many consider to be the next phase of the Industrial Revolution. We utilize next generation technology to deliver dramatically improved integration, automation and orchestration capabilities between people and the growing number of internet connected, software-defined machines that serve them. To best ensure a well balanced, secure and sustainable future, we must all be better masters of our machines.

Litbit is the original creator and primary driver of the Apache Iota open source project. We use Iota as the core of our human+machine orchestration platform that we call RhythmOS. Together with a community of developers and partners, we aim to deliver a highly secure, open environment that enables a new world of applications, specifically intended to facilitate better working relationships between people and the machines that serve them.

We welcome you to join us on our mission, either as a teammate, customer, open source project contributor, etc. We also consider networking and feedback a gift, so please feel free to reach out or stop by.
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