Make your career destination meaningful.

Litbit is home to people who believe there should be no difference between work and passion.


At Litbit, you can work with the world's finest engineers, designers and thought leaders, who are shaping the future of human-machine automation and orchestration.We are a tight-knit team of people, who have brought together roots from four continents, eight countries and six languages, in order to do something meaningful for the world. Our roster includes skiers, climbers, builders, hula dancers, professors, martial artists, music lovers, practical jokers, and more.

Litbit Workplace Tools

We don't view things that fuel health, happiness, passion and productivity as "perks."
Instead we view them as tools that drive success. Here's the tools we've added to the chest so far:


Winning Team

If we're the average of the five people we associate with the most, the quality of our colleagues drive the most important attribute in the workplace. Building a team of the best, who work well together, is mission #1 at LitBit. After all, we're not looking for a participation trophy. Were here to win.


Awesome Gear

You know better than anyone the gear that you need to do your job. Thats why we give each employee a $5000 budget and let that person decide what is needed-- whether its a laptop, desktop, phone, headphones or ?


Salary & Stock

We offer highly competitive salaries and equity positions in the company. Were also open to dialing the balance between the two, in order to meet specific employee needs.


Healthcare Benefits

We provide best-in-class medical (Blue Shield or Kaiser,) dental (Guardian,) and vision (VSP) benefits. We pay 100% of the premium costs, for both you and your family. Stay healthy. Stay happy.


Unlimited Vacation

We dont judge excellence by looking at how hard one works. Instead we look at results, which should be driven by smart work. Thus we dont measure people by how many hours they work or how much they are in the office. LitBit does not have limits on vacation time.


Flexible Hours

Some people are morning people. Some are night owls. As long as you deliver and manage good collaboration with others, we're open to you also managing your own flexible schedule.


Inspiring Workplace

Everybody gets a custom made combo sitting / standing desk with a handmade salvaged wood top and a cool ergo-chair. You can work there, or on the couch or in a collaborative or private area. Our flexible workspace allows it all, as your needs (or moods) change from day to day.


Food and Drink

An assortment of free drinks and snacks are provided. Lunches, BBQs and occasional cocktail hours are also on the menu.


Commuter Benefits

We offer a commuter benefits plan, where we contribute up to $100 per month towards mass transit costs. Anything additional is tax free. Were also located close to both the CalTrain and VTA light rail, to encourage efficient mass transit use.

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