AI Personas for Your Industry

Litbit AI platform are so flexible they can be used in a wide variety of industries.

Data Center

DAC: Turning Rounds and Readings Into an Asset

Meet DAC, the Persona that brought AI to the datacenter. In all kinds of environments, domestic or abroad, DAC is able to keep tabs on datacenter HVAC, power, and other systems in order to prevent costly downtime. Setting him up in a location takes just an afternoon, and the team is able to check on each position while doing their normal rounds and readings, making him smarter with each and every check in.


PETRO: Extending the Reach of the Security Team

Meet PETRO, the world’s first AI trained to assist in increased safety, security and reliability of oil drilling, distribution and refinery. He is able to continually monitor cameras for risks based on the collective knowledge of the team. By doing so he magnifies the capabilities of the entire security team.


INDY: Superpowering Field Service Teams

Meet INDY, an AI- Persona that helps OEM service teams. The best field engineers are known for having a good eye, ear, and feel for the machines they service. When magnified by a Persona, they are able to project those senses many places at once, diagnosing problems in spaces and equipment that would have required them to be on-premise otherwise.

INDY captures the collective experience of all technicians and machines globally and puts it in the back pocket of each and every technician.

Real Estate

RAY: Empowering Facilities Teams

Meet RAY, an AI-Persona that helps real estate managers. Whether helping keep tabs on IT closets or HVAC systems, RAY is able to continuously predict whether spaces and equipment need maintenance. Once set up, untrained front desk management or security personnel can use RAY using only their smartphones.