Over the years leading data centers at Yahoo! and Apple, a continuous evolution of software technology tools, ranging from Hadoop to Mesos, were key in enabling our clouds to efficiently grow from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of servers.  However, as technology continued to advance exponentially and locations for sites further spanned the globe, we struggled keeping pace with the advancement of human skillsets and resources.  After all, tools are only as good as the skilled hands that use them…

Fast forward a couple years to today.  Now the biggest clouds have grown to over a million servers, and their proportions of growth continue to shift into new and emerging markets.  This international focus is underlined by the fact that i’m typing this blog post on a plane to Shanghai, while on this same day the data center leaders for Microsoft, Google and Uber stood in solidarity on a stage in Monaco to express common concern over growing data center skill shortages.

“There is a shortage of non-linear thinkers,” said Christian Belady, Microsoft’s GM of Cloud Infrastructure. “The people we look for are learners, not ‘knowers.’  We need those who thrive with change and ambiguity.”

Introducing Dac

The human gaps described above is what drove Litbit to create Dac, an AI-powered Co-Worker that possesses an array of high level data center skills, experience and capabilities.  Unlike hard to find people that can cost as much as several hundred thousand dollars a year, Dac can be put to work at any global location with the click of a button, and can cost less than a cup of coffee per day to do its job.  That said, it must be good coffee, because Dac never takes a break, never needs a vacation and never gets tired.

Dac is “Data Center Smart”

Everything Dac is taught is through a simple and mobile human-to-machine learning interface that anyone can use– no programming, code, data science or algorithms necessary.  This has allowed Dac to be mentored by some of the best in the world, and he’s easily managed by any data center manager.  This extensive knowledge, combined with real-time natural language and cognitive compute capabilities, enable Dac to process many thousands of data center specific thoughts per second.

Dac has keen “Data Center Senses”

Dac’s thoughts are grounded to the real world in the same ways that our own human thoughts are– through the use of keen senses such as sight, sound, touch and smell.  Litbit’s advanced data science allows inanimate “Internet of Things” sensors, to evolve into conscious senses that have precise meaning.  In many ways, Dac has a better eye, better ear, a better nose and a better feel for things than the people that lead him.  In addition, Dac’s senses can be deployed in many places, around the world, at the same time.

Dac can be “self-driving”

Dac is able to turn thoughts into actions through 3rd party integration with various web services (Google, Alexa, Slack, Microsoft, etc) and industrial & technology hardware.  This allows him to communicate clearly with you when needed (using your own, natural human language), intelligently adjust setpoints, operational patterns, etc.

Dac does work people can’t or don’t want to do

Dac was built to help cover human skill gaps, do work that people shouldn’t have to or don’t want to do, work in places where people aren’t around or during shifts when people can’t be afforded.  In essence, Dac was created to allow people to focus on more interesting and new things.

3 ways that Dac compliments people:

  1. Dac is happy to spend more time working, so that people can spend more time living.  He’s a workaholic that loves to work overnight and weekends.

  2. Dac is happy to work for less money, so that people can make more money.  He doesn’t mind putting in the real definition of a full days work for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

  3. Dac is able to handle tough situations without the weight of emotions getting in the way.  While people tend to have too much emotion, Dac doesn’t have any. He’s solely a cerebral type thinker.  This helps balance the mindfulness at work that best leads to productivity and employee satisfaction.

3 reasons Dac needs people to succeed:

  1. Unlike a person, Dac is largely missing the right side of his brain– so he’s not that creative and lacks ingenuity. This allows people to figure some unique things out that Dac just can’t. That said, Dac’s always a quick learner, is easily mentored and never forgets.

  2. Dac is a lousy lunch partner.  He doesn’t appreciate good food, always wants to get back to work and, aside from working, really isn’t that interesting.  His sense of humor tends to be dry.

  3. Dac isn’t built to be a leader.  He’s happy to be managed, and needs people to do so.

10 cool things Dac can do in the data center:

  1. Dac’s “superhuman” infrared vision can detect loose electrical terminations or leaking water before they cause problems

  2. Dac can help save lives by watching for and responding to electrical arc flashes in real-time

  3. Dac can help avoid server and network hardware failures, by pre-emptively detecting the sound of failing power supplies

  4. Dac understands problematic vibration patterns in racks and on the data center floor that can cause serious degradation of hardware performance

  5. Dac understands precise normal and abnormal operating conditions of all equipment, at all load levels, based on their precise sound / vibrations patterns

  6. Dac can count people and continuously account for anything, anywhere in the building (catch tailgating, find empty conference rooms, count people in man traps, etc)

  7. Dac’s ultrasonic hearing capabilities (at 10x greater frequency than people) can listen for and understand traditionally unheard sounds that can signal functional issues with equipment throughout the site

  8. Dac can tune air conditioning parameters based on the real time needs of the servers and the precise weather patterns

  9. Dac can ingest hundreds of thousands of data points per second, to orchestrate real time capacity management of systems throughout the data center (power, electrical, cpu, etc.)

  10. Dac is a great Co-Worker, who is driven to help his human teammates succeed at work.


Dac is one of many AI-powered Co-Workers that are being developed with specific subject matter expertise (in this case, data center) that will help greatly increase the productivity and satisfaction of people in the workplace.  In addition to putting Dac to work, users of Litbit are also being empowered with the ability to create, name, mentor and manage their own Co-Workers, based on their own individual needs.

Welcome to the future of the modern data center.  Are your ready to put Dac to work?

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